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Toolset to grow your community.

Airtap is a marketing and audience building platform that helps creators like you turn your passion into a full-time career by connecting you to your fans.

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Creators trust Airtap platform to:

  • Create unique page

    Airtap gives you the freedom to create and manage your web presence. Choose design from a customizable templates that best fit your personal style.

  • Grow email lists

    Learn which content is working best and how your visitors behave. Then use these insights to act and improve. Every published website has Airtap CRM with detailed analytics.

  • Share your content

    Introduce you to the world - simply share your content with AIrtap Community and instantly get reactions. Collaborate and get interesting offers and inspiration every day!

How musicians build career with us

Your personal brand will grow here

  • Engage the audience

    A great website needs to be engaging. Promote your digital products with Airtap to drive higher conversions.

  • Sell directly to fans

    Publish your website with a single click and track users’ interactions with powerfull Airtap action button.

  • Promote like a pro

    Keep your content punchy and use flexible Airtap calls-to-action that encourage readers to click and engage.

How musicians build career with us

More than 10k+ of creators use Airtap

NFT Creator





Indie maker

This effortless free editor is the only you need to share your ideas and creations instantly. Start creating your own page easily with drag & drop and no-code.

Xiang Yin, NFT Creator, artist

Start building — it’s free

Airtap has a very strong instrument like Discover page. I don’t need to use Behance anymore - I found a lot of new clients here and my schedule is busy for 2 months.

Martin Schnagl, Art-director & Web designer

Start building — it’s free

I love Airtap - super pretty ui, my website looks like I hired a designer. Super affordable prices and super fast page load. I’ll never use SquareSpace again!

Charlotte West, songwriter & musician

Start building — it’s free

Airtap’s analytics, SEO tools, and social media integrations have helped me grow from a blog with a small following to a growing global audience.

Amanda Ting, Lifestyle & Beauty blogger

Start building — it’s free

I brought one of my photoprojects to Airtap and I was so shocked that I got so many offers and collabs from community. Don’t think, just start your project here!

Shota Mebakuro, Street photographer

Start building — it’s free

I collaborate with a lot of designers here and get interesting offers every day. Airtap lets to build any website and publish it in my profile page just immediately.

Christina Stevenson, Indie maker

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