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My name is Maxim, I am 22 years old and I do tattoos. I do about engraving, which I am just crazy about. Ever since school, I liked medieval subjects, old masters' sketches, as well as black illustrations in textbooks on anatomy, biology, etc.  

 After viewing a lot of them I started making my own stuff (based on engraving techniques from much better artists). 

 I've always been attracted by ideally delicate strips that overlap each other in the right direction, can convey the depth and volume of an object better than paint (yes, black tattoos are our everything). Tattooing I do not so long, actively pierce a little less than a year. But almost all his sketches (which can not fail to please). I hope that you like my style and you would like to see something of my sketches on your body.


“Tattoo Clubs ist der letzte Rückzugsort für den Gentleman.”

+46(0)255 345 355 15


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