How to sell online courses on the platform: 6 practical recommendations

Online courses can become a business that will grow and sustain you. However, to make this happen, it's not enough to be an expert in your niche and a talented teacher. Read this article to learn how to choose a platform for online courses.

Online education is just as much a product as food, clothing, electronics, and more. The only difference is that it's immaterial. This is simultaneously its advantage and its disadvantage.On one hand, selling education is easy - the vast majority of the Earth's population has access to the Internet. There's no need to go anywhere to make a purchase or wait for delivery, and courses can be taken from any convenient location.

But on the other hand, the promotion of online courses mostly occurs through the Internet as well. This means that in order for your course to be known, you need to overcome informational noise and competition from other authors. For this task, conventional sales methods work weakly, so they need to be adapted to the online space and supplemented with internet marketing tools.

Fortunately, distance education through the Internet has been rapidly developing for over 10 years, so the main mistakes of beginners, as well as promotion mechanisms, can be found freely available. This article is one such source of free knowledge that will help you attract more students.

Why sell online courses?

The first mistake that course authors make is undervaluing their product and being afraid to sell. This is a completely normal phenomenon. Over time, it passes, but it's better to minimize this time.Selling knowledge is the right thing to do. If a person receives something without expending any effort or resources, they won't be able to fully appreciate it.

The lack of value in knowledge makes it useless, as it will be rarely and aimlessly applied.Education is similar to psychotherapy. It is also immaterial, but it has a clear goal - a result that will be considered the completion of the process. It's also useless without the application of the acquired knowledge. Additionally, a person needs to pay something to see the value of new information.

Then they will have more motivation to invest in learning, apply it in life, and continue to develop, which is the ultimate goal of the education process.Therefore, selling courses for next to nothing is disadvantageous for both the author and the student. There should be a price that is commensurate with the usefulness of the knowledge. To understand this benefit, we recommend asking students to leave feedback on their learning experience with you and the results they obtained. This will be useful for you in the future and will allow you to see that your knowledge is truly worth the investment.

Recommendation #1: Don't be afraid to sell

There is a simple truth: the best advertisement for anything is its high quality and the results it brings to the owner. This is also true for online education.Good online learning platforms have the ability to track statistics of course completion by students. This data can be used to identify lessons that need to be made simpler and more accessible.

If the platform provides an easy course builder, you can quickly make improvements, which will enhance the course overall.Incorporate a convenient way for students to provide feedback on your course. This will allow you to receive first-hand information on what can be improved and added to make the learning experience more interesting and beneficial.Do not overlook additional features provided by the platform.

For example, Airtap has a quality analytics system that can help you determine the popularity of your course and its appeal to people.Furthermore, do not stand still; transform your online course into a full school by adding courses on related topics. Then, after completing one course and achieving results, the student will confidently purchase another from you, benefiting both you and them.

Recommendation #2: Continuously Improve Your Online Courses

One of the obstacles that hinders potential students from becoming your customers is the inconvenience of the payment process. It is crucial to cater to their needs and preferences to encourage them to purchase your course.Finding the ideal method for course purchase is essential. For instance, on Airtap, you have the opportunity to sell your course at a price of your choosing with 0% commission.

By providing flexible and accessible payment options, you can remove barriers to enrollment and create a more user-friendly experience, thereby increasing the likelihood of attracting and retaining students for your online course.

Recommendation #3: Make Course Payment Convenient for People

A person cannot be an expert in everything, thus creating something of high quality often requires the involvement of multiple specialists.

This recommendation may be less effective for individuals whose online school is a hobby or a supplementary source of income, hence they may not be as reliant on a steady flow of clients.However, if online education is your business, we recommend assembling a team or hiring specialists for specific tasks.

For example, a skilled instructional designer can create a high-quality course from scratch. A designer can create an appealing and memorable aesthetic for your school, landing page, and promotional materials. A marketer can study your target audience and make adjustments in the promotion strategy. An internet advertising specialist can optimize promotions to ensure each dollar spent is justified.

A trained mentor for students can help you spend less time on teaching and more on developing your school.There is an option that suits both those who educate for personal reasons and those for whom education is a business. You can take a course and acquire the skills necessary for the development of an online school. This will enable you to work more effectively and spend less on its development.

Recommendation #5: Utilize the Services of Professionals

In order to effectively promote your online school, you need to have a deep understanding of it. You should know its differences from similar offerings, be aware of its strengths and most powerful outcomes. It's also important to understand its weaknesses and imperfections, in order to present them as assets.

This level of understanding is required for everything, from creating introductory lessons to making compelling sales pitches, from consultations to writing landing pages, from initial audience engagement to follow-up course sales. You must study your product inside and out.One of the most effective ways to achieve this is through student feedback.

This enables you to identify areas for development, assess your product, and determine what students appreciate the most about it. This will help you create an attractive representation of your school.Furthermore, positive reviews are excellent for attracting new clients. Therefore, from the very beginning, ask your students to provide feedback on their learning experience, as this will help you acquire new clients in the future.

We can provide a general recommendation for presenting an online course: speak and write about it based on its results rather than the tools used to achieve them. Ensure your language is accessible and understandable, even to a ten-year-old. Use numerical expressions of results and comparisons that people can easily grasp.

Recommendation #6: Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Currently, there are numerous platforms available in the market where you can host your courses. Therefore, it is essential to choose the perfect platform for your needs, as it directly impacts the functionality of your school and the ease of its promotion.

Recommendation #7: Use Convenient and Useful Platform

Pay special attention to the following characteristics:

- Stable performance. The platform should operate reliably without disruptions and swiftly address any issues to prevent student attrition.

- Intuitive interface. It should be easy and straightforward for you to work with the platform, and for students to use it for their lessons.

- Broad functionality and user-friendliness. To launch and maintain a thriving online course, a wide range of basic functions is required, such as the ability to create unique course designs, access analytics, and receive feedback.

- Frequent updates. A good platform evolves alongside your course, addressing operational issues and continually adding new features.

- Integration capabilities. Integrating third-party services to improve performance is key to development.

- Additional features. Features such as creating a unique website with stylish course designs, earning with 0% commission, implemented in, can be highly beneficial for the development and promotion of your online school.

This is a brief list of characteristics to consider when starting to sell online courses. Read other articles in this blog to obtain complete and additional information about promoting the sale of digital products online. And of course, use Airtap to realize your potential.


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How to sell online courses


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