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Hi, guys! I’m Marta Banks, travel blogger.  

Like many people, I was taught to go to college, to get married and have several happy kids. But I understood if I follow this rule I wouldn’t be happy. And in 2018 I left my career in corporate management to a soul searching that would change the course of my life forever.

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The best destinations in Indonesia to visit

Are you looking to embrace all those autumnal vibes? So this article is exactly for you

July 18, 2022

Budget-friendly places to visit in 2022

Did you know that you can explore Kyoto for free? There are so many free things to do in Kyoto, which is a big deal.

August 3, 2022

Top 10 free things to do in Kyoto, Japan

One of the number one questions I get is “How do you afford to travel the world?” Traveling smart is my number one tip! 

August 21, 2022

Top 10 experiences and destinations for solo female travelers

Few things are quite so freeing as solo travel. Eating, exploring, and moving on to the next location according to nothing but your own schedule is the best way to ensure your vacation.

September 6, 2022

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