15 Rebrand examples of 2023 & 2024

1. 7UP

Adding an “uplifting” feel with a more modern approach was the main goal of this rebrand and it’s achieved through the brighter green color tone and the retro-style neon vibes mixed with a cool 3D effect that highlights the number seven.

2. Jell-O

Jell-O’s rebrand comes 10 years after its last brand revamp and it incorporates a few modern design elements while retaining its classic look with subtle retro vibes. Along with the logo design refresh, the packaging designs for all of its product variants were also improved with simple and modernized looks.

3. Eurostar

Train travel giant Eurostar merged with Thalys, another popular train travel company in 2022. This merger introduced a brand new rebranding for the company in 2023.

4. Pepsi

Following its 7UP rebrand, Pepsi also went through a face change. This rebrand included a new and modern logo design as well as big changes to its visual identity.

5. Reddit

Reddit is going through massive changes making the platform look more modern and fresh. While the latest UI design changes are met with lots of criticism, its rebranded identity in 2023 was quite an impressive achievement.

6. Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video received a very subtle yet much-needed brand refresh in 2023 that added a more dynamic look to the brand and its video streaming platform.

7. Whatsapp

Whatsapp quietly rolled out a refreshed new look in early 2023. The main purpose of this rebrand was to create a more flexible identity that connects product experience and marketing.

8. LG

The South Korean consumer technology brand, LG made quite a few changes to its brand in 2023. The biggest change is the transition from its 3D logo to the 2D flat logo design.

9. Minute Maid

Minute Maid got rid of all the colors and decorative elements in its logo design for the 2023 rebrand. Instead, the brand introduced a minimal and clean logo design that looks great across all of its products and packaging designs.

10. X (formerly Twitter)

This rebrand completely changed the look and identity of the brand and made the platform unrecognizable by ditching the iconic Twitter bird logo.

11. Nokia

Nokia’s rebrand was long overdue. It was its first brand refresh in 45 years.

12. Johnson and Johnson

Johnson and Johnson’s rebrand was one of the biggest rebrands in recent history as it was introduced after using its iconic logo for more than 130 years. 

13. Slurpee

In an attempt to attract the young Gen-Z audiences, 7-Eleven gave an edgier new look to its iconic Slurpee brand. While the old brand visuals needed a new look, this was not the look its loyal fans were expecting.

14. Western Union

From 1988 to 2013, Western Union had one of the most iconic logos ever made. It was instantly recognizable no matter where you go in the world. Then the company refreshed the logo for the modern times in 2013. And then once again in 2019.

15. Fanta

Fanta was among the many drink brands that went through a rebrand in 2023. Coca-Cola did a fresh new take on the iconic soft drink brand by completely getting rid of the orange shape and its colors and then using a single-color retro-style look featuring just text.

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15 Rebrand examples of 2024


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