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Pharmacies with 
Modern Technologies

Parmazip is a modern pharmacy management software that integrates your business and pharmacy operations in one complete front-to-end control system. Utilize an intuitive and user-friendly system that empowers your pharmacy so you can run your business like a pro.

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Running a pharmacy is a fulfilling yet challenging job.

Inaccurate reports

Chaotic inventory tracking

Outdated system

Your staff is not a robot. Relying on manually tracking your sales, inventory, product, and customer data is just a step away from potential errors.

Unbalanced sales transactions versus stock quantities inevitably happen at the end of the day, but why allow it to be a problem?

"Hey, it still works, right?" If you've been thinking about replacing your current system for a while now, maybe this is *the sign*.

Manage your pharmacy 

like a pro.

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Inventory tracking

Smart reports

Easy to use, barcode-ready

Take account of all your products

Get real-time business analytics

Whether your pharmacy has a fast internet connection or not, Parmazip works either way. Monitor your sales and inventory remotely and get near real-time updates while your pharmacy system works with minimal internet dependency.

Work online or offline

Integrate with other systems

Connect with other modern applications through API integration. If your pharmacy is part of a healthcare facility like an outpatient clinic or hospital, its information can connect with Parmazip to securely exchange data.

Manage multiple pharmacies

All you need is one clean dashboard to see how your drugstore branches are faring. Your data from multiple locations is automatically aggregated to show a comprehensive summary of inventory movement, sales, and expenses.

Give yourself a competitive advantage

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