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Design for Hedolist

Hedolist provides users with a limited list 
of places hand-picked by restaurant industry insiders, professionals and foodies. Me and my team created user interface 
and user experience for iOS app for it.


Design user interface and user experience for Hedolist after MVP and create a promo page.

My role

UI/UX designer

In May 2021 GoodItWorks team reached
us to help to design a concept of the app 
to showcase to investors. Hedolist already had an MVP and wanted to reach investors 
for financial support. From September 2021 
we started to develop a whole app and now 
we are still helping to make the features 
for them.


People go to restaurants and choose which restaurant to go today, especially when they travel. Current decisions force them to explore thousands of options, relying on the dubious sum 
of the crowd's opinions. Hedolist gives a solid recommendation based on expert opinion. 

To solve the problem, Hedolist involve curators and insiders: people who understand the topic and launch the app in different cities and countries. 



We achieved a minimalistic design with bright, but pleasant colors to highlight the main points. The app has a convenient interface for easy navigation, contains valuable information on each screen without overflowing with unwanted elements, and provides users with an engaging yet simple interface for hassle-free usage even on the go.

Promo screens describes the idea of the app.

and experience

Quality insider-recommended content, not another Foursquare and to allow users to sign in via Facebook or Apple ID. Personalizing the content gives a good selection of places.


Insiders can make a page od selected restaurants for users to navigate easily and pick easily a place trey located. 

Restaurant Selection


I'm so grateful to work for this project and with people. 
We finished the main part of the design process and now the app is in the part of developing. But I'm still working on it to create a features and make a QA testing.


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