These Figma plugins have streamlined the process of exporting code, enabling developers to seamlessly translate designs into functional code

Figma Plugins for developers & exporting the code

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Figma has revolutionized the way designers and developers collaborate, and with the advent of plugins tailored for developers, the integration of design and code has reached new heights. This article delves into the top Figma plugins that cater to developers, simplifying the code-handoff process and fostering a more efficient and collaborative workflow between designers and developers.

Figma to HTML, CSS, React & more! is one of my favorite plugins. With Figma to HTML, CSS, React & more, you can convert any website design into a Figma design with just a few clicks. Imagine converting any website design and using it as a component in your project.

Zeplin is a collaborative design tool that seamlessly integrates with Figma and helps teams deliver on design promises. With Zeplin, you can easily publish final designs for development, showcase reusable components, and link components to code. Its organized workspace with sections and tags helps the entire product team understand the design without the need for additional documentation or design tool training. Zeplin makes collaborative design work accessible and convenient for everyone, regardless of design experience.

The Webflow plugin for Figma offers additional features to help designers easily convert their designs to Webflow. These features include over 20 pre-set layouts and adaptive structures, ensuring seamless style, layout, color, text, and image transfer when pasted into Webflow. The plugin also provides automatic style guide creation, allowing you to create a style guide page in Webflow based on the text and color styles created in Figma. Other features include support for over 50 CSS declarations and the ability to export vector nodes as SVG.

The plugin allows you to convert any website into fully editable designs in Figma without having to create each element from scratch. With this plugin, you can use an existing website as inspiration for your own designs, revamp an old website, or compare the developed website with your original designs. Additionally, you can easily import missing designs into an existing project and check the visual accessibility of the website in Figma.

The Sympli Figma plugin translates design into code. Synchronize Figma projects with Sympli using the Sympli plugin to aid developers in checking styles, extracting fonts, and exporting assets. The Sympli plugin also facilitates the export of text styles, color styles, and fonts to Sympli design systems, allowing your development team to maintain and create ready-made grid settings, web units, basic font sizes, and more.

Anima allows you to export your designs or components from Figma into clean HTML, CSS, React, or Vue code that you can share with developers so they can create code according to their preferences. With Anima, you can also create code-based prototypes that feel like a real product, with graphics, videos, live text inputs, Google Maps, dropdown menus, input animations, and much more.

Lottie also allows you to change the background of acquired animations. Another amazing feature of Lottie is the relatively small file sizes, enabling animations to load quickly on any internet connection or browser. Moreover, on the Lottie marketplace, you can sell or purchase premium designs of your own creation, allowing your animations to live in other designs while earning you deserved compensation. Lottie is used by major companies such as Disney Now, Duolingo, and Headspace. Download this plugin now to bring motion and life to your projects.

As the synergy between design and code becomes increasingly integral to the development process, the role of Figma plugins for developers and code exportation is poised to become even more prominent. These plugins not only bridge the gap between design and development but also pave the way for more seamless collaboration, efficiency, and precision in bringing designs to life. With continuous advancements in this space, Figma plugins for developers are set to further revolutionize the interface between design and code, empowering teams to work cohesively and produce exceptional digital experiences. 


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Figma Plugins for developers


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