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21 Figma plugin for working with images 

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Plugins for working with images will help generate the necessary image on request, insert large images into Figma and compress them without loss of quality, remove backgrounds and unnecessary space, slice images into parts, find, collect, and organize all images in one place.

You will be able to edit images, apply filters and effects directly in Figma. Additionally, you can recognize text from images, convert raster images to vector, and create beautiful mood boards in one click.

Generates images based on AI from a text request in English or a reference (another image). 

Preserves the high quality of large images when inserted into Figma. 

Compresses and resizes images to make files load faster and take up less memory. 

Automatically compresses images with just one click using the TinyPNG API.

Compresses images exported from Figma by up to 90% without losing quality and packs them into an archive. 

Removes the background from one or multiple images simultaneously. 

Removes the background from images. 

Automatically trims excess space from the image.

Slices any image into parts.

Randomly arranges images on a grid.

Finds all images in a file and collects them in one place.

Helps to edit images using color settings and filters. It allows saving and loading custom presets.

Helps adjust exposure, contrast, or saturation of multiple images at once with
a single click.

Simplifies quick cropping, rotation, reflection, filtering, precise adjustment, and editing of images.

Photoshop inside Figma - enables editing photos, applying effects, filters, adding text, cropping, or resizing images.

Recognizes text from an image in 24 langues.

Recognizes and copies text from an image.

Exports images from layouts in their original resolution and without cropping.

Displays all images in the file and where they are used. It allows downloading them one by one or all at once.

Traces black and white images.

Quickly creates a mood board from selected images. 

In conclusion, the utilization of Figma plugins tailored for working with images has the potential to dramatically increase productivity by streamlining and expediting image-related tasks. By incorporating these specialized tools into your workflow, you can significantly reduce the time required to complete image-related processes, thereby enhancing overall efficiency. Embracing these plugins empowers designers and teams to achieve more in less time, ultimately leading to an amplified output and an improved user experience.


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