These Figma plugins offer a comprehensive array of tools to empower developers in leveraging map data, enhancing user experiences, and transforming design concepts into functional, location-based applications

Figma Plugins for creating customizable maps

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In the realm of digital design, the integration of maps has become an essential component of creating engaging and user-centric interfaces. Figma's versatile platform has been enriched by a myriad of plugins tailored to address the specific needs of developers looking to seamlessly integrate customizable maps into their designs. 

Vector Maps is a tool that allows you to upload vector maps of countries and regions directly into your project. With Vector Maps, you can easily find a country or region by name or select it directly on the map. After the map is uploaded, it will be placed in a separate frame, and all elements will be grouped by countries, making it easier to work with them and customize them to your needs.

Never take a screenshot of a map again! With Mapsicle, you can quickly and easily place maps in your designs. The interactive map allows you to pan around to find the perfect location, or you can search for a location anywhere in the world. After placing the map in your design, return to Mapsicle to customize the location, style, zoom level, and more. Mapsicle uses Mapbox maps to provide you with numerous customization options.

Localy is a collection of clean and customizable maps, including 6 popular cities, illustrated in 10 styles with two types of maps: "Detailed" and "Minimalist". The maps are beautifully designed as navigational representations and include street and avenue names based on Google Maps. There is also a Figma plugin and an organized library with optimized layers and options for convenient use.

Map Maker is a tool that allows you to quickly create customizable maps, currently supporting Google Maps and planning to support other map hosting services in the future. The usage is simple – choose a shape layer, such as a rectangle, ellipse, or polygon, and launch Map Maker. The tool is also fully customizable, offering a range of parameters to create a unique map.

The utilization of Figma plugins for creating customizable maps has marked a significant milestone in the fusion of design and functionality within digital platforms. As the demand for location-based experiences continues to soar, the role of these plugins in enabling developers to craft rich and dynamic map-based interfaces cannot be overstated. With their intricate capabilities and seamless integration with Figma's ecosystem, these plugins are poised to drive further innovation, providing developers with the tools necessary to elevate their designs and deliver exceptional, location-centric experiences to users.


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Figma Plugins for maps


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