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Milton Glaser

Milton Glaser (b.1929) is among the most celebrated graphic designers in the United States. He has had the distinction of one-man-shows at the Museum of Modern Art and The Georges Pompidou Center. He was selected for the lifetime Achievement Award of the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum (2004) and The Fulbright Association (2011), and in 2009 he was the first graphic designer to receive the national medal of the Arts Award.

As a fulbright scholar, glaser studied with the painter, Giorgio Morandi in Bologna, and is an articulate spokesman for the ethical practice of design. He opened Milton Glaser, inc. in 1974, and continues to produce a prolific amount of work in many fields of design to this day.

Saratoga Festival, 1980

Albert Camus, 2003

Van Gogh 100 years, 1989

Pasta Heller, 2006

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Milton Glaser


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