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As experienced digital designers, we understand how important it is to work efficiently and quickly to achieve the best results for our projects. We constantly explore the Figma Community and select the best tools for our work. Today, we want to talk about plugins.Figma plugins are an essential tool for any designer who wants to optimize their work. They provide process automation, allowing to save time and access advanced features such as color and typography, quick access to graphics, and much more.

They can solve a variety of tasks: from typography adjustments and layout export to creating animations and organizing workspace in files.Using these plugins has improved our workflow, reduced iteration time, and helped us achieve better results for our clients.These plugins can help any designer personalize projects, speed up work, and create unique and trendy designs. In this article, we will share our best plugins that will help designers of any level work more efficiently and achieve a new level of quality in their projects.

This is an illustration tool that allows you to choose from a vast collection of elements and compositions to create unique designs that align with your brand. With customizable elements, you can adjust each variable to create your compositions, and the Random button allows for controlled chaos. Blush provides access to stunning illustrations from talented artists worldwide, and there is a free plan for lifetime personal and commercial use.


Blush works with mixable elements, so you can customize every variablee of an illustration to create your own unique compositions. It's like playing with legos, made of vectors.


If you’re feeling lucky, just click the Random button to shuffle the components in a composition. Embrace the chaos! (controlled chaos)

Streamline is a comprehensive graphic resource offering the world's largest and most consistent sets of icons, illustrations, emojis, and elements, and was awarded the Best Graphic Resource in 2022. With a generous free level, a fast working environment, and brilliant designs from experienced artists, Streamline's mission is to democratize access to high-quality graphic resources and save users time, effort, and money.

- Consistent and massive sets.

Streamline sets are 50 times larger than the industry average. Largest set, Ultimate Bold, has over 18000 icons.

- Testimonials from the world's best designers.

Streamline is enthusiastically recommended by the world's best creators, designers and companies.

The 3D Illustrations plugin offers two tabs: "Collections," where you can browse various collections such as "Characters," "Emojis," "Diagrams," and "Abstraction," and "Search," where you can easily find and select the illustrations you need by entering keywords. With a library of over 1000 illustrations and regular updates, you have a vast selection to choose from.

- Illustrations.

Here you can browse through different collections. Like Character, Emoji, Charts, Abstract etc.

- Mockups.

Select high-quality mockups that showcase your designs in a professional way.

- Search.

A classic search field. Just enter a word and choose illustration that you like. Easy and convenient.

- Distort.

Distort your UI into any mockup shape.

The Illustrations for Figma plugin allows you to insert high-quality free illustrations into Figma. To add an illustration, simply drag and drop it. All illustrations can be used under a Creative Commons license for free.

- High quality free illustrations right into Figma.

Just drag and drop to add it on Figma.

- All the illustrations can be used freely under creative commons license.

If you want more crazy stuff, just Follow on Figma or go to website

The plugin allows you to create GIF images in Figma. Install GiffyCanvas, select images to convert to GIF, set parameters such as interval, width, and height, and upload the finished GIF.

- No Restrictions.

User can select as many number of images they want to create a GIF

- Unlimited Exports.

User can generate as many number of GIFs they want for free

- Transparent Background.

User can generate GIFs with transparent backgrounds

Simplicity is one of the main trends in design. Nevertheless, elegance and simplicity are achievable in 3D. Vectary allows you to add your 3D illustrations to the design using the editor. With the plugin, you can interactively work, change framing, adjust lighting, and shadows. The free version of the plugin already offers many possibilities, and the premium version allows for the use of more file types and even WebAR.

- Adding the missing third dimension to your 2D designs. It is very easy!

Handz 3D Illustration - If you want to add a bit of a 3D touch to your design, Handz 3D Illustration is exactly what you need! As the name suggests, it allows you to add hands in any form – whether it's a peace sign, a waving hand, or a fist. Additionally, there are numerous different color options available for clothing and hands.

You can try the free version for commercial purposes and see how you like working with the plugin in Figma. The paid version provides access to a greater variety of feature.

- With this plugin you can search hand gesture illustration and choose various colors and type of the hand.
Just try it!

Humaaans for Figma is a cool plugin that allows you to create numerous illustrations with people and scenes. You can also mix and match them to make your work unique. It's completely free, so you can simply download it and create what you want.

- With Humaaans you can either use the already premade people illustrations. Or mix-&-match illustrations to create your own unique work.

Get Waves is a free tool that generates unique SVG waves for your designs. You can choose the shape and adjust its complexity, and even randomly alter the wave to obtain a completely unique design. This is a great way to add some visual appeal and creativity to your projects without creating waves from scratch.

- Free SVG wave generator to make unique SVG waves for your next design. Choose a curve, adjust the complexity, randomize!

Do not be afraid to experiment and try out new tools. Use our recommendations to enhance your workflow in Figma! Create unique and trendy designs, as well as elevate the quality of your projects. Utilizing Figma plugins will help you save time and achieve better results for yourself and your clients.

Also, remember that the Figma Community is constantly updating with new plugins, so it's worth keeping an eye on the latest releases and testing them in your work. We hope that our recommendations will help make your work in Figma even more productive and enjoyable.


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