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Airtap offers a full suite of marketing services to bring you closer to your audience, grow your business and promote your products quick and easy.


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Marketing tools

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  • Engage the audience

    A great website needs to be engaging. Promote your digital products with Airtap to drive higher conversions.

  • Sell directly to fans

    Publish your website with a single click and track users’ interactions with powerfull Airtap action button.

  • Promote like a pro

    Keep your content punchy and use flexible Airtap calls-to-action that encourage readers to click and engage.

Marketing platfrom features

Tell the best brand story. We’ll focus on the rest.

Create powerful email marketing content with your existing products and services. We made the creation process quick and easy.

Start building — it’s free

Customizable forms and pages

Create a unique marketing experience for your users. Every Airtap profile includes unlimited customizable forms and pages that best fit your personal style.

Powerfull community

It’s a great place for creators and teams to promote and share their work. Get likes and views from your potential customers and the community instantly.

Integrations and embeds

Connect all popular daily tools, add posts from instagram or custom code to manage every aspect of your creator’s campaigns in one place.

What creators think about us

Creators about Airtap marketing platform

Now I have a list of people who have opted in and said, “I want to hear from you. I want to hear about your products. Please let me know what's going on.”

Xiang Yin, NFT Creator, artist

I can take insights with all actions and discover customers’ profiles who visited my website, analyze my audience and make my product better every day.

Jennifer Livi, Stylist and fashion designer

Airtap CRM gives me detailed analytics and I can understand what’s working, what kind of my work is getting the most attention and who your biggest fans are.

Marshall Bock, UX/UI Designer

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Start building — it’s free

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